In recent years, article writing services have flooded the internet and due to the anonymity of the internet it has become difficult to distinguish between an efficient company and a fake. Anyone with a keyboard can impersonate a writer behind the computer screen and claim to be an article writing service; however, you must remember that there are numerous genuine writers with excellent language skills, simply waiting to do an amazing job on your upcoming writing project!

Make an educated decision about the article writing service you are interested in hiring by reading the five pitfalls and tips on how to avoid them.

Poor levels of proficiency in English

If the company or individual offering to do your writing seems too good to be true, they probably are. A cheaper price increases the possibility that the writers are not English proficient. They can offer extremely low pricing since they use software programs to create articles and severely overrate their grasp of the language.

The only thing you need to discover this is to read! Start by reading the content on the webpage of the article writing service, their communication with you and their work samples. Their unnatural use of grammar, confusion between singular and plural and particularly the past, present and future tenses will reflect their poor level of English proficiency.

Avoid mediators or consultants

A mediator between an article writing service and a client has no job except to add to the cost and possibly hide the flaws of the writer. You should insist that the writer must communicate with you directly. Some consultants pose as the writers and create delays in submission blaming the fictitious writer who does not even exist!

How to find out? Ask the mediator about his skills; discuss outlines of your writing assignments, or what his research techniques are. In most situations, you will find out soon whether he is actually a writer or not.

Flighty freelancers

The biggest risk of hiring a freelance writer is that he might vanish in the middle of the incomplete assignment. Other problems you might face are delayed communication, lack of professionalism or persistent refusal to follow instructions.

Always read reviews, and investigate, check references. A new freelancer is best assigned a project with small segments to be delivered at a regular schedule instead of a complete submission at the end of the deadline.

Untrained amateurs

Having written one essay that was published in the school magazine does not qualify you to be a writer. Unfortunately, the internet takes it easy for amateurs to copy, paste, edit and submit without an ounce of originality and launch an article writing service. Their substandard work will speak for itself and a fairly observant person should be able to identify the amateur at a glance!

Website authenticity

There are some very general things you can check on the website of the article writing service you are planning to hire before you actually do so. Check how old the domain on the website is. The older the better! Read the blog to differentiate between a real and fake site. Does the site have an 800 number or any other number? Make a call or even better a video call. Google the writer’s or company’s name. An established writer would have results in the search engine, or a LinkedIn or Facebook account.