Dating can be a somewhat complex endeavor and with advice readily available from all directions, it’s no wonder that so many people are going about being single in the wrong way. In fact, you might thing that being single is not very much fun at all and may even find it a bit depressing.

A lot of luck is certainly involved in finding a perfect match but sometimes despair can lead you to believe that you and your intended are living in alternate universes. But experience makes us who we are. Here are a couple of dating pointers.

Don’t Obsess

Finding a lifetime partner is just one goal you should have amongst many. There’s a fine line between making finding someone a priority and actually obsessing over it.

Think About What You Hear

When you do meet someone you fancy, think about what mutual friends may have to say. If they have one too many anecdotes about the person being a binge drinker followed by projectile vomitter you may want to think the partnership.

How Much Time Would You Spend with Someone?

You shouldn’t view a relationship as getting someone to believe that you are good enough for them. Focus on finding someone whose company you truly enjoy and with whom you’d want to spend loads of time. It’s like finding the right puzzle piece that will fit with you.

What Are You Prepared to Put Up With?

Oftentimes, partners can have slightly annoying habits or behaviors that border on a lack of respect. If you wouldn’t let anyone else talk to you like that then why let someone you’re smitten with do that to you?

Vary Your Hunting Grounds

If you frequently visit the same pub every weekend chance are pretty high you’re not going to find someone there who will spice up your night. Try broadening your hunting grounds to places you will enjoy more. If your friends aren’t that keen to join you, go anyway. You never know who you’ll meet up with!

The Wrong Fits Do Exist

Of course, there are the “wrong fits” out there – those who are going to think you are too short, too fat, too not-their-type. And there are those who you are going to reject for various reasons. Weed the misfits out of your life and you’re on your way to opening your arms to Mr/Miss Right.

Try Something Alone

Try going to parks or concerts or even the movies on your own. Enjoy being free to do whatever you wish without compromising another half’s plans.

First Dates are not Preludes to Marriage

Don’t think of a first date as a tryout for marriage, it’s just a meeting with the possibility of a second date, really.

Sometimes, You Need to Take The Other Person’s Word For It

If the person you meet tends to say things like “they’re too damaged”, take their word for it. You might not be able to fix a low self-esteem and it may even be his or her way of fobbing you off anyway.