Frequently Asked Questions

Who writes the articles?
All of our expert writers have a variety of educational background allowing the best, possible return on investment for your content writing. They are all American, English being their first language.

How long does it take for you to write articles?
It depends. One article can take up to three working days. Larger orders can take up to a week.

Is it possible to re-send the articles for revisions?
Yes, for packages of ten articles or more. You are allowed 3 revisions per article.

Do you research each subject you write about?
Definitely. We conduct a thorough investigation of every subject we write about to create high quality results.

How long is an average article?
The minimum length for an article is no less than 500 words.

What purpose do these articles serve?
You can use these articles for your blog, your commercial page, or to create links for your website by publishing in article farms.

How do I submit the subjects and/or keywords to write about?
After payment has been completed, you will automatically be directed to a page where you will be asked for your chosen keywords or subjects you want us to write about.

Can I order 100 articles if I want or more?
Yes, you can certainly do that.