SEO writing services are in huge demand these days. The plain reason could be that they are indeed masters of their trade. They know their job inside out and have been providing invaluable services to their clients, without which their demand must have flattened. Here, in this article, we will see how these guys play with perhaps the single most important factor of SEO- keywords.

The importance of keywords in SEO writing can be gauged from the fact that it is these keywords that are matched against the strings in a search query to determine the relevance of a page to the query during the processing of the query. It is at this step that the search engines compares the query strings to the keywords of indexed pages and estimates the relevancy. So, it is very important to use keywords carefully and to your best advantage.

The first job of efficient SEO writing is to determine the right keywords you want to optimize for. A number of factors are considered in this process. For example, it is very important to determine what surfers are most likely to search for. What combination of words would they use for the search? This analysis is very important because you need to get into the searcher’s mind to know what he is most likely to search for and then optimize your content so that it is presented to him by the search engine in response to his query.

You also need to keep in mind that one word keywords are difficult to optimize for since all pages related to the keyword will focus heavily on it too. SEO writers suggest narrow keywords that could get you unique hits by people who are genuinely interested in your content. Keywords hence need to be relevant to the content on your page. A certain set of keywords can be slightly modified to ensure a much better result than the original one.

Once the keywords have been zeroed in on, the task of ensuring a good key-word density comes up. SEO experts may differ in their opinions over what can be called an ideal density of keywords but it could generally be anywhere between 3-5 % for major keywords and 1-2 % for the rest. The keyword density should not be so high that the content starts sounding repetitive and boring. Stuffing too many keywords into your content is an unethical practice which could result in penalties being awarded by search engines.

Apart from the facts discussed above, special emphasis is given to the positioning of keywords. Keywords placed in special places like URLs, page titles, heading and sub-headings boost rankings significantly with some search engines. It is only logical because the URL or the page title is more important than the normal text on your page. These hence are considered more valuable.

People who provide SEO writing services are usually well-versed with all such things that need to be kept in mind and other tricks associated with SEO and hence, can contribute a lot to your needs of good SEO implementation.