SEO stands for search engine optimization, and an SEO article writing service provides SEO articles. It is one of the popular forms of internet marketing. The SEO articles produced by an SEO article writing service increases the chances of a particular web page or article appearing on the first page of a search engine’s result. By increasing its rank or position on a search engine’s result, an SEO article writing service ensures that a product or web page gains more visitors and more views from the users of a search engine. An SEO article writing service hires search engine optimizers for the task of creating SEO articles.

An SEO article works by identifying the working of a particular search engine. It recognizes the keywords or phrases that are generally used by people when they search for something on a search engine. Perhaps the first SEO article writing service can be dated back to the nineties, when optimization of web pages first came into use. Around this time, search engines had become quite popular, and people started to realize the value of having their web page or product feature on the first page of the results of a search engine.

In the earlier history of SEO, it was a common tactic to manipulate the working of a search engine in order to promote a web page to the top of the results.  To boost the rating of a web page, instead of writing articles, one had to simply enter the web address of a page into the search engine. The SEO article writing service slowly came up as the popularity of SEO increased.

An SEO article writing service in those days used methods such as spamdexing and cloaking to manipulate the results of a search engine. However such methods led to banning or blocking of a web page temporarily or permanently. Depending on the methods chosen by search engine optimizers, two kinds of services came into existence:  the black hat SEO article writing service and the white hat SEO article writing service.

Products that greatly depend on search engines to generate traffic for their websites might be paying for a risk by employing an SEO article writing service. This is because a search engine generally changes its algorithms frequently; leading to a change in what is required of an article. For example, Google made about 500 changes to its algorithms in one year alone.

This change in the algorithms could lead to a drop in the position of the website in the results of a search engine, and also could put a stop to the number of visitors that are referred to the website. A good method to ensure that the web page is not affected by the change in a search engine’s algorithms is to hire an SEO article writing service that provides well constructed articles that interest and engage the visitors.

Other methods of drawing in visitors and keeping them there, is to work on the website and improve on its look and accessibility. A user must be able to easily maneuver through the website without getting confused about where to go next and what to click on. To gain popularity in the international arena, owners of web pages can purchase a domain and gain a local IP address for easy access for the users of a particular location. They can also invest in an SEO article writing service that can translate the web pages to the local languages.