SEO writing services are a common name these days. The term was first coined in 1997. But optimization of sites for search engines began in the mid 90s when search engines came into existence. The process was very simple- webmasters submitted their URLs to the search engine, which would then send spiders to crawl that page to return information about the page which would then be used to index the page. Site owners gradually started to recognize the need for their sites to have a good search engine ranking and visibility. This paved way for white hat and black hat SEO techniques.

Search engines used algorithms to process indexed data and compare strings in search queries to indexed keywords to determine the relevance of a page to the search. The earliest algorithms heavily relied on the information that webmasters provided in terms of keywords, meta-tags and index files. This was inefficient because webmasters could provide information unrelated to their sites for the sake of a good ranking. The heavy dependence on keyword density to rank pages led to many webmasters manipulating rankings by providing false and inconsistent information through keywords, meta-tags and index files.

It was then that search engines started developing complex mathematical algorithms to rank pages. An example was “Backrub” which arrived at a parameter called ‘PageRank’ based on the number and quality of inbound links. It was in 1998 that the developers of Page rub started Google, which changed the way search engines had been operating since then and the way they would operate in years to come.

Gradually, the algorithms became more and more complex and increasingly effective in determining relevance of pages and hence their ranks. They consider a range of factors like keywords, anchor texts, inbound and outbound links and others to arrive at the rank. They have been actively trying to fight against black hat techniques like link farms, keywords stuffing, spamdexing, cloaking etc. The idea behind the algorithms has increasingly been shifting more towards making it as similar as human perception as possible.

SEO was set for a big change when in 2005, Google pioneered a customized search for logged-in users based on their search history and preferences. Some experts opined at that time that page rankings were rendered meaningless with the advent of customized search. They however, seem to have been proved wrong over the years.

Even in customized searches, the first links a user accesses when he searches for the first time are ones which feature in the top rankers list. The hype is not worth the concerns that have been raised. Over the last few years, SEO writing has proved to have worked wonders for many small businesses trying to make a mark in terms of web presence.

Looking back, one can say both SEO itself and SEO writing have come a long way, passing through different phases of ups and lows. But as popular mood suggests today, the only way from here is up! SEO writing services are definitely here to stay. You either get on board or miss a wonderful opportunity to help your organization expand and grow.