You must have read or heard about SEO writing services a number of times and perhaps wondered how do SEO writers increase a website’s relevancy to a search query and improve its rank, or perhaps how search engines themselves work and stuff like that. This article delves a little deeper into the concept of SEO writing.

First , we need to understand that search engines are nothing but complex computer programs. The way they perceive a website is very different (very mechanical) than the way humans do. They mostly interpret text. They use software programs like crawlers, spiders and their likes to crawl through the web to see what all exists. These crawlers can not interpret or see images, javascript, flash movies etc.  They go through websites (mostly text) to see what those sites are about. Following links they go through and index all the content they come across. The frequency of visits may vary.

While indexing, crawlers identify text items that best describe the page and it is here that a page gets associated with particular keywords. Pages which have been indexed are stored in big databases for retrieval later.  It is this step where SEO writers can help you by optimizing on keywords so that your pageis indexed for words that are commonly found in search strings. Search engines on their own could get it wrong if your SEO is weak.

Whenever a search query is entered, a search engine matches the search words with the indexed pages. A relevancy factor is calculated and based on relevancy, the order of appearance of pagesis decided. The way relevancy is calculated differes from one search engine to another.  They use complex algorithms which may have little or significant variations when different search engine’s algorithms are compared. Ever wondered why the same search query returns different pages on different search engines? Well, the question was just answered.

There are a lot of factors that are considered while calculating relevancy like keywords, keywords density, links, back-links and meta-tags. Different search engines assign different weightages to such factors and hence, the variation in relevancy calculation arises.

Once the orderof display of pages is decided, the search engine returns the results on your browser. Again, the ones listed on the top of first page have the maximum chances of being visited. And that is exactly where anyone seeking SEO writing services wants to be. The algorithms used by search engines undergo frequent modifications and hence, your SEO implementation needs to be up-to-date and smart.

Different search engines might need a different kind and level of optimization. To be able to ensure a good ranking on multiple search engines , your SEO needs to be very strong and well thought upon.  Individuals and businesses might not be able to devote the time and energy this task demands and in such cases, it is best to opt for SEO writing services providers who have demonstrated their ability to play the game well in thepast.