There is a plethora of website content writing services in the global market which serve as propagandists for their clients’ products. Here is a list of the kinds of assignments undertaken by them and how they are priced:

While the landing page is more or less the sine qua non of a company’s, it is instrumental in making or breaking a company’s image. As a name suggests, it acts as the threshold of a website where the users decide whether to pursue or ignore it.  So, the website content writing services are very particular while assigning the responsibility of creating landing pages to the writers. Only professional writers are entrusted with such demanding projects. They ensure that the company’s brand name is built and promoted with alacrity. So, be ready to spend a hefty sum if you wish to have a grand landing page for your website.

There are, however, certain other kinds of projects as well, which are undertaken by the website content writing services. Here are a few of them:

  • SEO Blogs: Also widely known as SEO articles, these serve as one of the most convenient pathways to increase a website’s traffic. This is due to the fact that most of them have very high keyword density, thereby propelling these articles to the pinnacle in google search results. Also, they help in promoting a company’s brand in a feasible manner. SEO articles trigger people’s interest, thereby increasing the number of their visits and this is the way in which a brand gets introduced in the global market. Once people are there, they tend to click here and there and this boosts sales. A good SEO blog is written in about 300-400 words and costs somewhat lesser than a landing page. In case you want issues like tags, social book markings and categorization to be taken care of, by the website content writing companies, then SEO articles would cost as much as the mini blogs. However, you could save quite a number of dollar bills, if you know how to do the job on your own.


  • Linkbait Articles: These are twice as big as SEO blogs and initially, you would not be in position to ascertain the difference between the two types. However, linkbait articles tend to be quite provocative and go viral on the internet. Though the website content writing services charge knee-jerking prices for these articles, the traffic payoffs are worth the expenses incurred. It must be noted here that linkbait articles continue to draw traffic even after several months. These take a lot of time to be written and edited and quality chicks are done at all the stages. However, sometimes even SEO articles are written in incredible fashion and hence, are categorized as linkbait articles. Since, the website companies need to hire highly professional writers for writing such articles they might charge you a bomb!


  • Press Releases: These too pose as challenging assignments for the website content writing services. Thus, they employ strong-willed and independent-minded writers to take up such projects. Press releases have to be written from semi-object viewpoints and need catchy headlines to draw traffic and hence, are priced considerably high.