Content writing services have flooded the internet and due to the anonymity of the internet it has become difficult to differentiate between a competent company and a phony one. Any person with a computer can masquerade as an essayist and declare himself to be xyz content writing services. You must, however, remember that there are several genuine writers with exceptional language skills, just waiting to do an incredible job on your upcoming writing project! Make an informed decision about using content writing services by learning about the telltale signs if the site is a fake.

Content writing services that sound too good to be true usually are. A low price means that the writers are likely to be non-native English speakers who offer very low pricing as they use software programs to generate articles and seriously misinform prospective customers about their skills in English language. Read the content on the webpage of the content writing services, their work samples and their messages to you. The inappropriate use of big words, poor grammar and faulty sentence structure, all reflect their poor English levels.

Some people pose as writers but actually are middlemen peddling your assignments to genuine writers. They will charge you more than an appropriate rate as they will keep a portion of it for themselves. Just as first rate people hire first class people, second rate people hire third rate ones. Therefore, the ones actually doing your work might be quite bad at it. Communicate with the writer at the content writing services, ask for a sample or portion of the assignment in a short time frame so that he has no choice but to do it himself. He might make excuses to extend the timeframe so that he can find someone to write it.

There is a major risk in hiring a freelance writer as he may disappear in the middle of the unfinished task. A freelancer posing as content writing services might be identified by deferred communication, persistent repudiation in following directions and poor professionalism. You could read reviews on the site and investigate some of the references provided. A wise option could be to assign a small project to be delivered in a short time to evaluate content quality, capacity to meet deadlines and general work ethics.

Bogus content writing services set up by amateurs, work by copying, pasting, editing and submitting without any originality or creativity. Their work is generally substandard and recognizable as that by anyone with an ounce of common sense.

Much is visible from a company’s website. Check how old is the domain, read the comments and try to guess if they seem genuine. Is there a contact number? If you write the name of the content writing services or the founder’s name, your search may give you some pointers. A reputable writer would generally be on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Reliable content writing services are founded upon principles like professionalism, experience, quality and affordability. These sites take every possible step to ensure that the work delivered is entirely free of plagiarism and they offer revisions free of cost. Payment is released to the writers only after the customer is satisfied with the quality of work.