As the New Year begins, one of the problems most people face is how to keep up with the new things the year will bring, so it is no surprise if you find yourself wondering what to do to keep your website or blog up to date with the latest trends. Well, in this post I will help those of you with content writing sites, giving ideas on how to improve your search engine rankings.

Links are an important factor for promoting any site but what most people forget while designing their web pages is that the relevancy of the links is also extremely important. Buying Facebook likes and Twitter followers by the dozen won’t help because Facebook and Twitter have nothing to do with content writing services. While submitting articles, the category for the paper to be placed in must be chosen carefully, based on the content of the paper. Apart from this, while bookmarking, different accounts should be created for each function your site provides, so that it is easier and quicker for the viewers to find exactly what they are looking for.

Another important thing is the exclusivity of the content. Similar or copied content can cause your website to be reprimanded by Google. Try to write your articles yourself instead of using softwares to twist already published articles. If this is done or content writing services are hired for content writing, make sure to run the content through softwares to check for plagiarism.

Social media plays a huge part in the success of any website, so make sure you have pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Creating the pages is not all that is required; you also need to have an authentic following. If within a month you do not have a following, then you may want to consider buying Facebook likes and Twitter followers to get the process started off and your sites viral. There is no use of social sites for advertising your website if you don’t have a following. Most of you will think that this will be of no use since the views are fake. Wrong! These initial views will be what will cause your site to go places, since people only like pages that already have a following.

Provide a share option on your website so people can share your site content on these social networks directly. This will bring in legitimate traffic as well. This along with the pages made on the social sites will cause your website to be an instant success. Blogging is also a very powerful way to spread your views these days.

Follow all these instructions and you are sure to have a website with hundreds of customers buying papers on all sorts of topics. Then you can tell your friends, how a simple idea to start content writing services made you rich and became a business of its own, literally overnight. Social sites, websites and blogs are so ‘in’ these days that they have made the internet a super power of its own, influencing million of minds every day.