Cheap article writing service providers are everywhere these days as is evident by a simple internet search. But then, they just had to be. The demand for such services has seen a manifold increase in recent years and as a result, we have seen the arrival of many organizations providing such services to the ever growing list of clients in need. With the increase in number of such providers, this industry has seen competition levels reaching a new high. And when there is good competition, old trends give way to newer ones.

The most visible trend in this industry today is that costs for such services have actually reached a bracket where they can be labeled “cheap”.  There are such providers who are willing to provide article writing service at a rate as cheap as $1 for 500 words. There are others who have maintained a standard rate of $2-3 for such services, which is again as cheap as you could imagine. Man’s greed has no end but when it is quality you seek these rates are perhaps the best one could ask for.

The rush of businesses to these firms indicates the good value for money such providers offer. It is also evident in the number of such providers who have sustained over the years because their survival means that they have got business to do. One could for sure ask how do such cheap article writing service providers survive at such low charges. The answer could very well lie in the nest trend we discuss.

Let us get down to the second trend on the list- perhaps not as visible as the first, but definitely as important. Whenever you think of cost cutting, you most probably think of outsourcing. And that is what precisely most of these service providers do. In fact, you could think of something one step ahead- crowd-sourcing. Crowd-sourcing is the process where you list your requirement on a crowd-sourcing platform and potential freelancers bid for the project. You could then choose based on your expectations, your analysis of profiles etc. That in itself is a job and you could consider these providers as simplifying this process for you.

They locate people willing to undertake article writing projects and enroll them either as part time or full time. At the helm usually is the founder who could assume multiple responsibilities like pitching for sales, marketing, editing and in some cases even that of a writer.  Many opt for a full time editor as editing could be considered as the next big thing after content development.

Rest things aside, let us return to the outsourcing part. You think of cost cutting and you think of outsourcing. You think of outsourcing and you think of cheap labor. And when you think of cheap labor, you think of the less developed nations. India for example is a preferred destination for outsourcing.  And it is by routing work to these nations, organizations have the best chance of providing cheap article writing service without compromising on the quality of the content.