SEO writing services have evolved over the years into a standardized industry. Like any other industry, it too has been a witness to a number of trends- some prominent, others temporary. This article lists down some major trends we have seen over the recent years.

One such trend is the shift of focus from choosing the right keywords and placing them in right numbers at the right place to a large number of effective and elaborate parameters that have changed the way SEO works. Today different search engines use different algorithms to determine relevance and page ranks, which depending on the search engine in question could give more weight to any or all of the factors like inbound links, outbound links, keywords, meta-tags, anchor texts etc.

SEO has over the years seen the evolution of both white hat and black hat techniques. White hat techniques are the ones that conform to the guidelines laid down by search engines and do not resort to deception or wrong means.  The bottom line for them is that the content used for indexing and ranking must be the same as what the user will see.  Black hat techniques are deceptive and are disapproved by search engines. For example, cloaking is when a website directs to different pages depending on whether the request comes from a human visitor or a search engine. A common black hat technique is the use of hidden or invisible text either by using a similar background color or positioned off screen.

Use of black hat techniques attracts penalties from search engines that could even lead to temporary or permanent bans. These could be imposed automatically by the engines or by manual reviews.

SEO writing has become search engine specific. Though a single implementation could work averagely well for all or most search engines, best results need search engine-specific tuning. Different search engines have different market shares in different countries. Country-specific aspects of SEO writing have been talked about and discussed in recent years.

SEO writing has transformed from a technique to boost internet ranking to an important marketing tool.  It has now begun to serve dual needs- that of SEO implementation and that of good content. Attracting footfalls is not the sole aim anymore; engaging the reader and providing him with value for his time and energy are equally important.

Content has definitely become the king in recent years. A lot of emphasis is laid on developing strong, useful and accurate content for the users. It could possibly be because of attempts of search engines to develop an algorithm that closely resembles human perception. Keywords now share weight with related terms and phrases including synonyms. Hence, the more well-written the content, greater are the chances of your ranking going up.

Last but not the least, you must have noticed that a number of providers of SEO writing services has significantly gone up leading to an increase in the number of options available to choose from and these services have become a whole lot cheaper than the rates that existed a few years ago.