Content writing services are constantly struggling to reach the top page of various search engine results. They make a great deal of strategic SEO effort to reach the first page, but if they still don’t, they must review very seriously, what they are doing wrong.

Google has modified its approach after the panda and penguin updates in an effort to build successful SEO strategies. The change in Google’s algorithm has resulted in an increase in the significance of partial matches of the anchor text as a replacement for an exact match. This changes the parameters for content writing services. To improve their search engine ranking content writing services must do some things differently.

Web sites may be penalized if they contain duplicate content. Search engine crawlers have the ability to find content that has been copied from other sites and can also find out if a company is using the same content on its site repeatedly. Content writing services now have to be even more careful than ever before to avoid copy paste.

One mistake often made by content writing services is keyword stuffing, where they use the same keyword or keywords too many times in the same article. The keyword must be selected for the specific business from the keyword tool, Google Adword and should not be used more than two or three times. Content writing services must also ensure at least three to four synonyms or variations of the keywords.

Boring and monotonous titles are the worst mistake ever. The title tags must be cleverly worded to be appealing and should include the keyword to create an improved online presence. Content writing services must understand that a catchy title many a times attracts a website surfer to stop and read. One important thing about content is how easily the subject of that content is found by a search engine.

Another thing to avoid is links from ambiguous and indistinct sources or spam links. Links exchanged with bad neighborhood sites harm a website’s ranking. Content writing services must avoid all suspect links. Links appreciated by Google improve high search engine ranking. Some of the links that result in negative search engine rankings include links and backlinks from foreign language sites, dubious and bad neighborhood sites such as gambling, criminal and adult websites, spam pages, and sources that produce warning about malware in your browser.

All content writing services must keep themselves updated with Google algorithm updates and avoid all activities that take their websites lower in search engine rankings. Fresh content delivered consistently to a website is paramount for the success of any website. A website will have a large group of people following it, according to their interests, if the site offers interesting high quality content regularly.

Content writing services can edit and highlight the right key words to make the website visible and appear easily in popular search engines. Approximately 95% traffic to a site on the internet is accessed by the user through a search engine, which is the reason that a site’s content should be designed to rank higher on a search engine.